ROCO Rescue

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Roco Rescue is a certified woman-owned business that has served emergency responders for more than 35 years.

Whether we are teaching high angle and confined space rescue, providing CSRT stand-by rescue services at an industrial site, or offering highly specialized techniques and equipment to some of the most elite military teams in the world – safety is always our #1 priority.

In 2013, we were first awarded the OSHA VPP Star. Approval into VPP is OSHA’s official recognition of the outstanding efforts of employers and employees who have achieved exemplary occupational safety and health. We are also honored to be a Department of Defense contractor proudly serving our U.S. military.

Today, our mission remains the same… to provide the highest quality rescue training, equipment and services, while treating our customers with courtesy, honesty and respect. We strive to live by this mission every day!

Company Overview
Four divisions, one priority – safe, effective rescue training, equipment and services.

Our focus remains on providing safe, effective training for our customers. In the past 20 years alone, we have trained more than 48,000 students. Roco courses include confined space, high angle, fall protection, trench, industrial rope access, combat technical rescue and many more. Open-enrollment and privately contracted courses offer the latest rescue techniques from our dedicated instructors.

The equipment we use and offer to our customers is put to the test on a daily basis – whether in our training classes or during CSRT stand-by rescue operations. We use the equipment we recommend, and we only recommend equipment that is tried-and-proven, safe and effective. Our instructors have also designed equipment kits for rapid deployment and maximum efficiency.

In support of our industrial customers, Roco offers 24/7 CSRT stand-by rescue services, which offers immediate rescue response and added safety to the jobsite. Our teams of experienced emergency responders are Certified Rescue Technicians (NFPA 1006). Most team members are EMT’s and many of our Crew Chiefs are Certified Occupational Safety Specialists (COSS).

Roco is proud to serve our nation’s top military teams with specialized training and customized equipment kits. Our tactical programs have been designed specifically for small team operations in remote and extreme environments. Tactical training options include Combat Technical Rescue, Urban Rope Access, and Customized Training based on mission requirements.

Serving emergency responders is a commitment our people make every day, at every level. This includes our instructors, who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with their students, our CSRT personnel, who are dedicated to protecting lives on the jobsite, and our talented administrative staff, who realize the importance of what they do. It is an honor to serve those who protect our families, our communities and our nation on a daily basis.

Roco Training Center(RTC)

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