2020 Events

During the 2020 PJ Rodeo and Reunion, we will hold high visibility events including the prestigious Pararescue Heritage Banquet and the PJ Warrior Sponsor Events, as well as, the PJ Rodeo & Reunion Icebreaker, the Competitors Banquet and the Guardian Angel & Special Warfare Competitor Awards Ceremony.  Spanning the course of the PJ Rodeo and Reunion, our Sponsors will enjoy an array of brand exposure to include, logo recognition, exclusive marketing and signage opportunities, logo exposure on competitor t-shirts, banner displays during sponsored events, trade show booth space, as well as exclusive seating at luncheons, banquets and select social events, by invitation.

PJ Rodeo Events

This world-class ‘Gathering of  Eagles’ brings Pararescuemen from around the world, in a friendly, but very tough competition designed to test the skill, tactics, techniques and procedures USAF Pararescue Teams are using on the battlefield today.

The is the 11th Bi-Annual PJ Rodeo and Reunion event  The winning team will hold the title “Best PJ” until we join again to celebrate the history, legacy and brotherhood.

PJ Rodeo Events Summary – (subject to change)

  • Sep 20/Sun – Travel Day
  • Sep 21/Mon – 1st Skills Test
  • Sep 22/Tue – 2nd Skills Test
    water insertion/medical skills
  • Sep 22/Tue – Competitor Social
    (a sponsored event)
  • Sep 23/Wed – 3rd Skills Test
    parachute accuracy/static line-square
  • Sep 23/Wed – 2020 Icebreaker
    (a sponsored event)
  • Sep 24/Thu –  4th Skills Test
    high angle rope skills
  • Sep 24/Thu –  Sponsor Appreciation
    (a sponsored event)
  • Sep 25/Fri – Monster Mash Skills
  • Sep 25/Fri – Awards Ceremony
    (a sponsored event)
  • Sep 26/Sat –  PJA Business Mtg
  • Sep 26/Sat – PJA Banquet
    (a sponsored event)
  • Sep 27/Sun – Travel Day


The 2020 PJ Rodeo and PJ Reunion are both big events, and none of it would be possible without the men of the USAF Pararescue, and the families and friends who support them.

We celebrate your commitments and courage.

These events are attended by the pioneers that created the history and legacy of USAF Pararescue.  Introduce yourself to seasoned Pararescue combat veterans, the next generation of Pararescue warriors and battlefield airmen.

These Special Warfare airmen are today’s warriors waging the battle against the war on terror.  Meet the men at the center of humanitarian actions around the world, and those who honorably represent our country on the battlefield and at home where they are needed.

These War-Fighters and Humanitarian Angels have a storied history rich in valorous deeds on and off of the battlefield.  We honor and celebrate the lives of Pararescuemen lost while savings lives during heroic deeds over the years.

Stats & Facts from PJ Rodeo/Reunions

  • 600+ members and guests
  • 800+ guest attendance
  • 1500+ association members
  • 11 scheduled competitor events
  • 25 teams of two competitors
  • Team awards for best team performance
  • Individual prizes for skills performance (top shooter, etc.)
  • More to come….

Our 2020 PJ Rodeo & Reunion Speakers
Chairman and Keynote Speakers

Our 2020 Chairman

Chairman: Chris Klaftenegger

Chris Klaftenegger was a Pararescueman from the 131st Rescue Squadron at Moffett Field, Ca. where he served for 10 years. Prior to becoming a Pararescueman he served for 6 years in the Navy as a Corpsman with 1st Reconnaissance Battalion.

While serving at Moffett Field as an AGR, Klaftenegger was responsible, along with the 131st RQS Logistics team, for the overall 24/7, 365 Alert, Training and personal equipment readiness for the Squadron. Chris achieved the rank of Technical Sergeant, Recovery Team Leader skill level, and was the NCOIC of the Student flight which screened and trained future Pj’s for the rigors of the Pararescue Pipeline.

Chris now resides in Reno Nevada with his Wife Heather and 3 boys Greyson, Griffin and Barron. He is currently working as Chief Business Development Officer for SWORD International and Assured Outcomes Group.

Our 2020 Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker:  To be Named

The Keynote Speaker for the 2020 PJ Rodeo and Reunion will be announced soon.  A photograph and bio will be published in this space, and an announcement will be made on our Facebook page, and in a special release of the AIG Newletter