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Review, Reserve and Register

2020 PJ Reunion Hotel
Room Reservations Link…

Hotel Room reservations for the 2020 PJ Reunion and Rodeo are already underway.

The Grand Sierra Resort and Casino has a block of rooms reserved for the PJ Reunion and Rodeo Guests.  Reserve your rooms early, get the discount…  use passcode PJA20, if requested

2020 PJ Reunion Events
Reunion Registration Portal…

The 2020 PJ Reunion events planning team, is working feverishly to finalize pricing, and event date and time schedules.  This year, we are using CVENT planner for the 2020 PJ Reunion registration portal.

The CVENT Portal Link will Go Live… as soon as the web-team, receives access to the registration portal, from the event planning team.

2020 PJ Rodeo Competitor Team
Sign-Up Link…

2020 PJ Rodeo Competitors, must sign-up at the PJ Rodeo website to register to compete.  Click the PJ Rodeo logo… and register to compete.

Competitors, don’t forget to register for the 2020 PJ Reunion (link coming soon)… and reserve your rooms!

The Rodeo Overview
September 21st – 25th

The 2020 PJ Rodeo kicks off 1st and fast, with the first round of competitions on September 21st.

PJ Rodeo competitors participate in scored events, with many located at the hotel, in view from the Hospitality Decks, and other locations at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino Hotel. Everyone, including our FAG’s (Former Action Guys) enjoys seeing the current PJ Warrior Force, demonstrating today’s skills, procedures and gear.

During the 2020 PJ Rodeo and Reunion, we will hold high visibility events including the prestigious Pararescue Heritage Banquet and the PJ Warrior Sponsor Events, as well as, the PJ Rodeo & Reunion Icebreaker, the Competitors Banquet and the Guardian Angel & Special Warfare Competitor Awards Ceremony.

2020 PJ Rodeo Events Preview & Summary

Sep 20th/Sunday – Travel Day

Sep 21st/Monday – Competitor Events

  • 1st Skills Test/Marksmanship
    Regional Public Safety Training Center
    Reno, NV

Sep 22nd/Tuesday – Competitor & Social Events

  • 2nd Skills Test Water and Medical Skills
    Incline Beach/967 Lakeshore Boulevard
    Incline Village
  • 19:00-21:00 – Competitor Social, at Hotel Lex Room
    Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

Sep 23rd/Wednesday – Competitor & Social Events

  • 3rd Skills Test
    Jump Day and Opening Ceremony
    Reno Stead Airport, Reno NV
  • 1800-2000 – PJ Reunion Opening Ceremony
    Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

Sep 24th/Thursday – Competitor & Social Events

  • 4th Skills Test
    High Angle Rope Work
    Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
  • 1730-1930 – Sponsor Appreciation Events
    Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

Sep 25th/Friday– Monster Mash Skills

  •  10:00-14:00 – STAR (Special Tactics and Rescue) Vendor Show
  • Competitors and GA Summit Teams Meetings
  • 1530-2000 – Competitor Awards Ceremony
    Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

Sep 26th/Saturday – Meetings & Social Events

  • PJA Business Meeting
  • 1530-2100 PJ Association Banquet
    Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

Sep 27/Sunday – Travel Day

The Reunion Overview
September 23rd – 27th

The 2020 PJ Reunion festivities kick off with an Ice Breaker Social, and continues with Hospitality Deck Socials, Motorcycle Excursion, Yoga, Zumba, Vendors Trade Show, PJ Rodeo Awards Ceremony Banquet, Country Western Dancing, Social Painting with some twists, Escape Club Adventure, VA Assistance Teams, Many Guest Speakers Planned, and more are being planned, with plenty of events in town and at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.

Spanning the course of the PJ Rodeo and Reunion, our Sponsors will enjoy an array of brand exposure to include, logo recognition, exclusive marketing and signage opportunities.

Also included in the array of sponsor visibility, is logo exposure on competitor t-shirts, banner displays during sponsored events, trade show booth space, as well as exclusive seating at luncheons, banquets and select social events, by invitation.

2020 PJ Reunion Events Preview & Summary

Sep 23rd / Wednesday – Registration, Ice Breaker Social

  • 1300-1700 – Open Registration; VA Assistance table – Doug Horka,  *Troy Arce
  • 1800-2000 – Ice Breaker Opening; Poolside PJ Demos
  • 2100-2300 – * Event Game/Axe Throwing Competition – Steve West $
  • 2100-2400 – Hospitality Room Events; Other PJ Reunion Events (MBA)

Sep 24th/ Thursday – Registration, Poolside w/Competitors

  •  0900-1600 – High Angle Rope Skill; Pool Side/Demo; Serenity Deck Social
  • 1000-1200 – Dr’s Galloway – Health and Wealth Seminar
  • 1000-1400 – STAR (Special Tactics and Rescue) Vendor Show
  • 1000-1500 – Open Registration
  • 1400-1500 – Wine Tasting $25 each (first 50).  Educate your palate!
  • 1730-1930 – VIP Sponsor’s & Competitors Social
  • 2000-2300 – The “Last Full Measure” Special Event…
    See intro below.  Don’t miss the opportunity for the final Tribute…

Sep 25th / Friday – Poolside Monster Mash, Poolside,
Awards Ceremony, + Special Events

  • 1000-1200 – *Workshop with Sue Pighini, other speakers TBA * Troy Arce?
  • 1400-1500 – Wine Tasting $25 (first 50).  Educate your palate!
  • 1730-2000 – Rodeo Awards Event
  • 2000-2200 – Fun Events
  • Painting with Friends – Join us for an unforgettable 2 hour evening painting with friends in Reno! Everything you need for a great night out.  Bring a smile, we handle the rest! First 100!  $30 each.
  • Escape Club – You are a group of the world’s greatest thieves. Your next prize is the world’s second largest diamond kept in a High Security bank vault of the Grand Centurion Casino. $30 each, 6 per room, takes 1 hour

Sep 26th / Saturday – Poolside Monster Mash,
Awards Ceremony, + Special Events

  • 0900–1200 – General Membership Meeting
  • 1230-1600 –  Motorcycle ride
    Contact Tom Beranek –  for info and participation (large Bike Rally going on in town) Street Vibrations Fall Rally
  • 1730-2100 – Reunion Banquet – wear something Maroon.  Following the Banquet, the Hospitality room will be open from 10pm – midnight.

2020 PJA Reunion “Last Full Measure” Movie Overview and Announcement
Thursday, September 24, 2020. Time and Location TBA.

The PJ Association is presenting an exclusive showing of “The Last Full Measure”.  This extraordinary 2020 film highlights Pararescueman William H. Pitsenbarger, and the determination to have his Air Force Cross upgraded to the Medal Of honor of Honor.

The “Mud Soldiers” of Charlie Company, the Big Red One, and their wives, and Pits’ PJ Brothers struggled for over 30 years to honor this hero who saved lives by sacrificing his own in the battle of Abilene, the bloodiest conflict of the Vietnam War.

The director and writer Todd Robinson, and executive producer Sidney Sherman spent 20 years working to bring this film to the big screen. The Honorable Witt Peters, former Secretary of the Air Force, who played an important role in Pits’ Medal of Honor award, will also be given the honorarium of PJ brother.

A one-time memorable group photo will be taken after the movie with our honorary guests, so bring your berets. You dont want to miss out.

Q & A after the Movie with the Following:

Todd Robinson, writer and director of LFM; Sidney Sherman, executive producer of LFM; Travis Aaron Wade, producer and actor of LFM; Witt Peters, former Secretary of the Air Force, David Milstein, PJ onsite during Pits’ battle, Harry O’Bierne, PJ onsite during Pits’ battle, Some of the surviving members of Charlie Company, Big Red One – the “Mud Soldiers”, John Pighini, PJ advisor for the LFM, Possibly, a mystery guest (more information to come from VP John Pighini)

Our 2020 PJ Rodeo & Reunion Chairman and Keynote Speaker

The Chairman: Chris Klaftenegger

Chris Klaftenegger was a Pararescueman from the 131st Rescue Squadron at Moffett Field, Ca. where he served for 10 years. Prior to becoming a Pararescueman he served for 6 years in the Navy as a Corpsman with 1st Reconnaissance Battalion.

While serving at Moffett Field as an AGR, Klaftenegger was responsible, along with the 131st RQS Logistics team, for the overall 24/7, 365 Alert, Training and personal equipment readiness for the Squadron. Chris achieved the rank of Technical Sergeant, Recovery Team Leader skill level, and was the NCOIC of the Student flight which screened and trained future Pj’s for the rigors of the Pararescue Pipeline.

Chris now resides in Reno Nevada with his Wife Heather and 3 boys Greyson, Griffin and Barron. He is currently working as Chief Business Development Officer for SWORD International and Assured Outcomes Group.

The Keynote Speaker:  To be Announced

The Keynote Speaker for the 2020 PJ Rodeo and Reunion will be announced soon.

A photograph and bio will be published in this space, and an announcement will be made on our Facebook page, and in a special release of the AIG Newletter