DripDrop - ORS Dehydration Relief

Drip Drop Hydration

Drip Drop Hydration, PBC, is a Platinum, 2020 PJ Rodeo Sponsor.


Drip Drop Hydration contains a proven ratio of sodium, sugar, and other electrolytes that absorb quickly and hydrate with increased performance.

DripDrop - ORS Dehydration Relief

Drip Drop Hydration, corrects dehydration faster than rice, and glucose based sports drinks. Drip Drop is a great tasting hydration solution (ORS) with a class VIII AMEDD approved NSN, and it treats and prevents dehydration, and hyponatremia.

Drip Drop is the product of choice by performance dietitians, and Physiologists at the US Military Academy as well as NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLS, US Olympic Teams, SOF groups, teams and US Armed Forces across the globe.Drip Drop has great success in lowering the need for IV-fluids and reduction of heat illness in the most extreme environments.

Developed by a Mayo clinic-trained physician, and named humanitarian of the year, by the Mayo Clinic, DripDrop ORS was not invented by a beverage company, or a pharmaceutical company, or any company for that matter. It was invented by a doctor on a relief mission in Latin America whose simple question changed the course of dehydration treatment forever.  To learn more, visit Drip Drop ORS, at their website and on Facebook.


DripDrop - ORS Dehydration Relief
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