TBR Consulting

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Mission and Vision – Put decades of experience in the Armed Services and United States Government to work for you! Our unique combination of operational, national-level crisis management experience, emergency planning expertise, and seasoned instructors will help you be better prepared, and be ready – which is our mission!

Partnership and Collaboration – We are proud to partner with agencies who offer an extraordinary level of law enforcement, public safety, military, and intelligence background and experience. We will design and develop just the right solution for your needs through collaboration and innovation.

Glenn Norling is a recently-retired FBI Special Agent, and the Principal at TBR Consulting LLC, providing world-class emergency planning, crisis management and active shooter preparation consultation and training services.

Glenn is a certified FBI crisis manager, an FBI instructor, and FBI adjunct faculty for violent crime and crisis management. He has worked as a field investigator, a field agent supervisor, as well as a supervisory special agent at the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group in Quantico, Virginia.

As part of his career as a senior FBI agent, Glenn has trained over 10,000 people in active shooter awareness in preparation across Northern California in the past six years. Glenn has a passion for preparedness. He has extensive experience in national-level training exercises, as well as local critical incident and special event planning, training, preparation and response.

Prior to the FBI, Glenn served for ten years in the United States Air Force as an acquisition program manager, managing both weapon systems and state-of-the-art modeling and simulation training systems, separating at the rank of Captain.

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