The 2018 PJ Rodeo
and Reunion…

This world-class ‘Gathering of  Eagles’ brings Pararescuemen from around the world, in a friendly, but very tough competition designed to test the skill, tactics, techniques and procedures USAF Pararescue Teams are using on the battlefield today.

The was the 10th Bi-Annual PJ Rodeo and Reunion event, held in conjunction with the celebration of the 75th year of  the founding of Pararescue.  The winning team will hold the title “Best PJ” until the next PJ Rodeo, scheduled for 2020.

Events Summary & Snapshots…

  • Sep 16/Sun- Travel Day

  • Sep 17/Mon- 1st Skills Test

  • Sep 18/Tues- 2d Skills Test

  • Sep 18/Tues- Competitor Social

  • Sep 19/Wed- 3d Skills Test

  • Sep 19/Wed- Commando BBQ

  • Sep 20/Thurs- 4th Skills Test

  • Sep 20/Thurs- Sponsor Appreciation

  • Sep 21/Fri- Vendors Show

  • Sep 21/Fri- Final Skills Test

  • Sep 21/Fri- Awards Ceremony

  • Sep 22/Sat- PJA Biz Meeting

  • Sep 22/Sat- Heritage Banquet

  • Sep 23- Travel Day

It’s About the

The 2018 PJ Rodeo and PJ Reunion are both big events, and none of it would be possible without the men of the USAF Pararescue, and the families and friends who support them.  We celebrate your commitments and courage.

These events are attended by the pioneers and men that created the history and legacy of USAF Pararescue.  Introduce yourself to seasoned Pararescue combat veterans, the next generation of Pararescue warriors and everyone in between.

These events are attended by the warriors who wage battle in the war on terror to preserve our way of life in the United States.  Shake hands with those at the center of humanitarian actions around the world, and those who honorably represent our country on the battlefield and at home where they are needed.

These war-fighters and humanitarian angels have a storied history rich in valorous deeds on and off of the battlefield.  We will honor and celebrate the lives of Pararescuemen lost while savings lives during heroic deeds over the years.

Pararescuemen, family members, and friends of Pararescue, were at the best place to be place else to be in September 2018.

PJ Rodeo Stats & Facts coming soon…

  • 600+ members and guests
    at 2016 PJ Rodeo and Reunion
  • 800 + guest attendance
    for 2018 PJ Rodeo
  • 1500+ association members
  • 25 teams of two competitors
  • Team awards for best team performance
  • Individual prizes for skills
    performance (top shooter, etc.)
  • More to come….
 PJ RODEO:  September 17th – 21st  >         <  PJ REUNION September 19th – 22nd