Announcing the 2021 PJ Rodeo..

Get ready to rumble!  The 2021 PJ Rodeo and Reunion is on the PJ Association calendar of events, with the Rodeo and Reunion taking place from October 24th – 30th, 2021!  Remember… when you are making your reservations… October 31st is the check-out and travel day!

The Bi-annual PJ Rodeo and Reunion is a Pararescue Association sanctioned event, bringing together PJ’s and others from the USAF and Canadian Special Tactics community to compete in a friendly, but tough competition to honor past and future generations of Pararescuemen.  

The PJ Rodeo is heavily dependent on a close-knit network of support.  We are grateful to all sponsors, members , PJ Rodeo friends, contributors,  the PJ Association Officers and Board of Directors,  and all of the off stage volunteers that do so much for the PJ Rodeo.  Thank you all for your generosity.

The 2021 PJ Association Rodeo
October 24th – 29th, 2021

The PJ Rodeo will be held in Tucson, Arizona, October 24th – 29th, 2021.  With 3 Units in Arizona at Davis-Monthan the 68th FTU, 306th and the 48th RQS, the pool of competitors will make this an event you don’t want to miss.

The 2021 PJ Rodeo is shaping up to a competition to rival all others, and with a gathering of hundreds of PJ’s and CRO’s, let’s show all those other associations how the PJ Association roles a Rodeo and Reunion!

PJ Rodeo Competitors… sign-up and create your team identity now.

The 2021 PJ Association Reunion
October 27th – 30th, 2021

The 2021 PJ Reunion will be held in Tucson, Arizona at the JW Marriot Star Pass, from October 27th – 30th, with October 31st being a check-out and travel day.  We are finalizing pricing for scheduled events, and will soon announce dates and times.

Reunion registration will begin in January 2021.  All of the information you need to register will be posted on the PJ Association website, Facebook page and in AIG newsletter.   Mark the dates on your calendar for the 2021 Reunion and Rodeo, and be the FIRST to register in January 2021, when the block of reserved rooms are opened for pre-registration.

PJ Rodeo
Events Summary
(dates and events to be announced)
  • ???/Sun – Travel Day
  • ???/Mon – 1st Skills Test
  • ???/Tue – 2nd Skills Test
  • ???/Tue – Competitor Social
    (a sponsored event)
  • ???/Wed – 3rd Skills Test
  • ???/Wed – Icebreaker
    (a sponsored event)
  • ???/Thu –  4th Skills Test
  • ???/Thu –  Sponsor Appreciation
    (a sponsored event)
  • ???/Fri – Monster Mash Skills
  • ???/Fri – Awards Ceremony
    (a sponsored event)
  • ???/Sat –  PJA Business Mtg
  • ???/Sat – PJA Banquet
    (a sponsored event)
  • ???/Sun – Travel Day
The Superman Trophy

Competing for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the PJ Rodeo is a little like winning the Super Superman Trophy.

The PJ Rodeo is a friendly competition, but it is a TOUGH competition designed to test the skills and endurance of each PJ competitor, while employing the equipment, tactics and procedures used by Pararescuemen on the battlefield, and in harsh and hostile environments at home, and around the world.

All competitors have already been to Superman School and passed.  The 2-man PJ Teams competing in the PJ Rodeo who take home a trophy, are tip of the spear tough, just like the PJ Rodeo competition.

Who’s the Winner?

All PJ Rodeo competitors are winners.  Few who apply to become a Pararescueman, finish the selection and training gauntlet.  Those who compete at the PJ Rodeo are at the tip of the readiness spear.

As you look through the list of winners, don’t think there are any losers… there aren’t.  All competitors arrive at the PJ Rodeo as winners, and no one goes home any less of a winner than they arrived.  This is a tough proving ground, for the toughest of the tough.

The PJ Rodeo unites the brotherhood, celebrates the courage and commitment of every man that was, and is a Pararescueman.

‘This We Do, That Others May Live’
Want to Compete?
Sign-up here… Show-up there…
(to be announced)