Premier Sponsorship

The 2023 PJ Rodeo and Reunion is hosted by the 123rd RQS, with the 123rd Air National Guard in Louisville, Kentucky, September 3rd – 9th, 2023, with September 10th as the check-out and travel day.  Reservations are available at the Galt, in downtown Louisville.

 The PJ Heritage Banquet

A Multi-Sponsor Premier Event
Monetary Minimum:  $15,000
Date:  Saturday, September 9th

…a multi-sponsor event that concludes the entire week of competition and camaraderie across generations of active duty, retired, and former rescue and special operators  from Vietnam to those serving in the fight against terror, war-fighting and humanitarian campaigns.

The PJ Warrior Sponsorship

A Multi-Sponsor, Multi-Stage Event
Monetary Minimum:  $10,000
Event Dates: (below)
… recognizes and honors rescue and special operations competitor teams from rescue squadrons, special tactics units and training squadrons. This morale and Espirit de Corps event provides these fierce competitors with a break from the action with an event to remember!                                          href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Compare sponsorships…

3 Events of the PJ Warrior Sponsorship

Warrior Luncheon Event
The morale and esprit-de-corps event recognizes and honors Pararescue and Special Tactics teams from around the globe, and it  provides our fierce competitors with a break from the action.

PJ Re-Union Icebreaker

Generations of PJs, Special Warfare Operators, and competitor teams meet and mingle with guests, VIP’s.,  members and sponsors to celebrate the spirit and soul of the Special Tactics community.

Guardian Angel Rodeo Awards

Held in the hotel for all to attend, this event recognizes and applauds individual competitors, the competitor teams and those that make the PJ Rodeo a world class Special Tactics event

PJ Rodeo Medallion Sponsorships

Platinum sponsors enjoy access to PJR skills events, the STAR trade show, and an array of recognition.
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Gold sponsors enjoy access to PJR skills events, the STAR trade show, and an array of recognition.
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Silver sponsors enjoy access to PJR skills events, the STAR trade show, and an array of recognition.
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Bronze Sponsors enjoy access to PJR skills events, the STAR trade show, and an array of recognition.
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Non-Sponsor Opportunities  

Special Tactics And Rescue STAR Trade Show Booth (By Arrangement…)

With first priority given to PJ Rodeo event sponsors, 6 foot STAR Trade-Show Booths may be available to non-PJR sponsors. 

Intended for local area vendors such as auto and equipment rental agencies, restaurants, spas, entertainment venues, etc.


Community Sponsors $100+ Contribution (For Name Recognition) Did you know you can be a named contributing supporter for the 2023 PJ Rodeo, without sponsoring an event! All donations are welcomed, but make a $100 or greater donation and get recognized on the banquet program, as a PJ Rodeo Community Sponsor!       
Click to make a donation…

T H E  L E G A L  S T U F F


* All Monetary level contributions must be met with cash contributions at the indicated amount.  Material Donations are appreciated, and their cash value will be added for tax purposes if they meet the needs of the events. Cancellations for emergency and weather-related issues may change certain events and signage.  Some exceptions may be available for items used for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner’s awards.

All Material items must be approved by PJ Rodeo & Reunion leadership prior to vendor status announcement.  All items must meet items needed for Awards and many will not meet this intent. Items can be donated but not for minimum donation amounts to meet next sponsor category.

** Banners and signage will be managed by the event planners.  A master Banner will be used and displayed at all major events.  Individual banners may be able to be hung at certain outside event locations for Gold Level Sponsors and above at the direction of the PJA and will be place based on a level of contribution.

F O R C E  M A J E U R E

The PJ Association and/or PJ Rodeo performance under this contract is subject to acts of God, war, government regulations, terrorism, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities, or any other emergency beyond the parties’ control, making it inadvisable, illegal or impossible to perform its obligations under this Contract. 

Refunds will not be possible.