The 2023 PJ Rodeo and PJA Reunion is on the calendar, taking place from September 3rd – 9th 2023.  Clear your September 2023 calendar, and register for this event!   This world class gathering of eagles, event brings together PJ’s, CRO’s, PJ Competitor Teams family and friends.

The Schedule
of Events

The 2023 PJ Rodeo and PJ Association Re_Union Events are stacking up to be some of the best activity and social events we have ever assembled for you to enjoy.  You can select from an array of scheduled activities and social events to attend, where you can create a stack full of memorable mini-re-unions with friends.

Register to Attend!

The 2023 PJ Rodeo and PJA Re-Union will be one of the  best ever, with activities and social events to interest, entertain and connect everyone during the multi-day activity.   Register to attend, sign-up for events, show-up!

Reserve A Room!

The 2023 PJA Reunion and PJ Rodeo is being held in Louisville, Kentucky.  Booking on-line through the website link to the registration page at the Galt House is the best route, however you can call (800) 843-4258, to reserve, use group code ‘PJRR2023’. 

2023 PJ Rodeo
Sep. 3rd-9th, 2023

 The 2023 PJ Rodeo kicks off fast, with the first round of competitions on September 3rd.

PJ Rodeo competitors participate in scored events.  Everyone, including our FAG’s (Former Action Guys) enjoys seeing the current PJ Warrior Force, demonstrating today’s skills, procedures and gear.

During the 2023 PJ Rodeo and Reunion, we will hold high visibility events including the prestigious Pararescue Heritage Banquet and the PJ Warrior Sponsor Events, as well as, the PJ Rodeo & Reunion Icebreaker, the Competitors Banquet and the Guardian Angel & Special Warfare Competitor Awards Ceremony.

2023 PJ Reunion
Sep. 6th-9th, 2023

The 2023 PJ Reunion kicks off with social events leading to a week of fun, activities, awards and recognition ceremonies culminating with the PJA Banquet and Awards and Honorable PJ ceremonies.

Spanning the course of the PJ Rodeo and Reunion, our Sponsors will enjoy an array of brand exposure to include, logo recognition, exclusive marketing and signage opportunities.

In the array of sponsor visibility, is logo exposure on competitor t-shirts, banner displays during sponsored events, trade show booth space, exclusive seating at luncheons, banquets and select social events, by invitation.