Registered Teams

 The PJ Rodeo is a friendly, but FIERCE competition. 

Designed to test the skills and endurance of each competitor, while employing the equipment, tactics and procedures used by Pararescuemen on the battlefield, in humanitarian relief actions in today’s missions, and in harsh and hostile environments at home, and around the world.

The 2-man PJ Teams competing in the PJ Rodeo are tip of the spear tough, just like the PJ Rodeo competition.  All PJ Rodeo competitors are winners.  They have already finished the selection and training process to become Pararescuemen.  There are very few who complete that gauntlet, and those who compete at the PJ Rodeo are at the very sharp end of the readiness spear.  

The PJ Rodeo unites the brotherhood, and celebrates the courage and commitment of every man that was and is a Pararescueman.

 All Pararescuemen are graduates of the Superman School.
Competing in the PJ Rodeo, is a like graduating from the Super, Superman Academy

2023 PJ Rodeo Registered Teams

2023 Team
To Be Named
2023 Team
To Be Named
2023 Team
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2023 Team
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2023 Team
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2023 Team
To Be Named
2021 PJ Rodeo Registered Teams

Loki and Thor
SSgt Austin Henson / TSgt Wallid Zaioun
68th RQS Davis-Monthan AFB,
Tucson, AZ

MSgt Alexander Dastmalchi/ TSgt Gavin Fisher 308th RQS,
Patrick SFB, Florida

AKPJ2 The Kidney Ticklers
MSgt Christopher Bowerfind / SSgt Jessie Cheshire 212 RQS, JBER,

 PJNY Gold
SSgt Roda, Samuel / TSgt Cooley, Eric
103rd RQS / Gabreski ANGB –
W. Hampton Beach, NY

Los Muchachos
SSgt Bravo, Alberto / TSgt Wittke, Matthew
68th RQS / Davis-Monthan
Tucson, AZ

Coy Boyz
Sra David Coy / SSgt Chris Coy
306 RQS Davis-Monthan AFB,
Tucson, Arizona

Politically Censored
SSgt Sydney Barnes / SSgt Dillan Munnings
58th RQS,
Nellis AFB, Las Vegas

Cunning Stunts
Sgt Ballinger, Wes / Sgt Dahl, Zach
58th Rescue Sq
Nellis AFB, NV

PJNY Silver
SSgt Dush, Ryan/ TSgt Thomas, Conor
103rd RQS / Gabreski ANGB –
W. Hampton Beach, NY

J&J Deckswabbin’ Crew
SrA Tvrdik, Joshua / TSgt Wood, Justin
48th RQS, Davis Monthan,
Tucson, AZ

57-TM1 Beepadebabah
SSgt Anderson, Trevor / SrA Budge, Wyatt
57th RQS,
Aviano AB, Italy

AKPJ1 Cockdiesel
MSgt Aaron Parcha / SrA McKinnis, Micha
212 RQS, JBER,

Zena and Paul
MSgt Zena, Andrew / TSgt Zachary, Paul
123rd STS
Louisville, KY

Chicken Joe Show
SSgt Lucero, Andrew / SrA Spaulding, Kirk
306th RQS / DMAFB,
Tuscon, AZ

Gruesome Twosome
SSgt Couch Cody / SSgt Alcocer, Royce
48th RQS / Davis Monthan AFB
Tucson, AZ

57-TM2 Team Capone
TSgt Brandt, Christopher/ SrA Porta-Martinez, Fernando 57th RQS,
Aviano AB, Italy

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