The 2021 PJ Rodeo and PJA Reunion

Get ready to Rhummmble!

The 2021 PJA Reunion and Rodeo is on the calendar, and scheduled events are taking place from October 24th – 30th, 2021.  This is is the 2021 event to attend!  At this gathering of  eagles, there are hundreds of PJ’s, CRO’s, and double-digit PJ Competitor Teams attending the 2021 PJA Reunion and PJ Rodeo.     

The 2021 PJ Rodeo
October 24th – 29th

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The 2021 PJ Reunion will be held in Tucson, Arizona at the JW Marriot Star Pass and Spa, October 27th – 30th, and travel on the 31st. 

Room reservations and event registration, are underway now.

The 2021 PJA Reunion
October 27th – 30th

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The PJ Rodeo will be held in Tucson, Arizona, October 24th – 29th.

With 3 Pararescue Units at Davis-Monthan AFB, the pool of competitors makes this 2021 PJ Rodeo, the Rodeo of Champions, and one not to miss.


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The 2021 PJA Reunion and PJ Rodeo is being held in Tucson, Arizona at the JW Marriot Star Pass and Spa.   Booking rooms on-line is best…   but to reserve by phone, call 520-792-3500, #1, use passkey ‘Pararescue 2021’.

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The PJA Reunion and PJ Rodeo event schedule is one of the best ever, with Rodeo and Reunion events to interest. entertain and keep everyone connected during the multi-day, all day and all night schedule of events.

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The Bi-annual PJ Rodeo and Reunion brings together PJ’s from the USAF and Canadian Special Tactics community to compete in a friendly, but tough competition, honoring past and future generations of Pararescuemen.  

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Meet Our 2021 New and Renewing Sponsors

A Gathering of Industry Eagles

Sponsors from the rescheduled 2020 PJ Rodeo generously agreed to extended their agreements, and new sponsors have registered for this Gathering of Eagles that brings together PJ’s, USAF and Canadian Special Tactics airmen, in a friendly, but tough competition.

With this 2021 PJ Rodeo and PJA Reunion event, we honor past and future generations of Pararescuemen, and all Special Warfare Airmen and Operators.  Sponsorship opportunities are snapped-up early so, sign-up, pay-up and show-up.

Interested Sponsors – Click here for Sponsorship Opportunities and Registration…

PJ Rodeo Heritage Banquet Sponsors

The PJ Heritage Banquet is a premier multi-sponsor event that concludes the entire week of competition and camaraderie across generations of active duty, retired, and former rescue and special operators,  from Vietnam to those serving in the fight against terror, war-fighting and humanitarian campaigns.

SunWest Mortgage Company, is the 2021 PJ Rodeo premier Heritage Banquet Sponsor, and a repeat PJ Rodeo Banquet sponsor.

A premier mortgage services company serving customers in the United States, Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. provides mortgage finance services, and offers purchase, refinance, reverse mortgage, and multi-family and wholesale lending products.

Illira Group is an Australian Company, and is a new 2021 PJ Rodeo Heritage Banquet Sponsor

The Illira Group was founded to develop better public safety practices for individuals, organizations and government.

Illira Group, specializes in partnerships, with sustainable solutions to ensure that strategic goals and expectations are preserved.

PJ Rodeo Warrior Events Sponsors

The PJ Warrior Sponsorship recognizes and honors all rescue and special operations competitor teams from rescue squadrons, special tactics units and training squadrons. This morale and Espirit de Corps event provides these fierce competitors a break from the action with an event to remember!

SWORD InternationalInnovators in Cutting Edge Small Arms
Manufacturing and Reliability



Beaver Fit - Dam Strong

Unique Fitness Equipment and
Turnkey Training Facilities

North American Rescue, Inc.

World Innovators for Tactical Medicine
Rescue Equipment and Supplies

Find | Fix | Finish | Exploit | Analyze
Supporting the War Fighter


The 2021 STAR Trade Show Vendors

The Special Tactics and Rodeo (STAR) Vendor Show, is the premier vendor showcase event for the 2021 PJ Rodeo and Re-Union.  These generous sponsors are the showcase vendors of the STAR Vendor Show, and the event hosts for many of the premier events held during the bi-annual PJ Rodeo and Re-Union.    The 2021 PJ Rodeo STAR Vendor Show will take place October 29th, kicking off with the ‘Mystery Games’, and rounding up the day with the Rodeo Award Ceremony and social.

The STAR Vendor booth and banner set-up begins at 0900, Friday, October 29th.  The STAR Vendor Trade Show event begins at 11oo, winding down at 1600, followed at 1700 by the VIP Sponsors and Photos event with the PJ Rodeo Competitors, and the Rodeo Awards Ceremony beginning at 1800, with guest speakers, sponsor recognition, and social events.

Here’s the October 29th Event Schedule

  • 0830-1500 Mystery Games Final /Competition
  • 0900-1100 STAR Vendor Trade Show Set-up
  • 1100-1300 Reunion Registration
  • 1100-1600  STAR Vendor Trade Show for Registered Vendors, JW Marriot
  • 1700 Competitor/SLWGroup and VIP Sponors/Photos
  • 1800-2000 Rodeo Award Ceremony
    Guest Speakers / Sponsor Recognition
    Social Event and Cash Bar – Open to all visitors….

Trellisware Technologies Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
Reserved for a 2021_PJ_Rodeo_Sponsor
Reserved for a 2021_PJ_Rodeo_Sponsor
SunWest Mortgage Company Heritage_Banquet_Sponsor
ilira Group PJ Rodeo Heritage_Banquet_Sponsor
Beaverfit DAM Strong PJ_Warrior_Events_Sponsor
F3EA PJ_Warrior_Events_Sponsor
S.W.O.R.D. International PJ_Warrior_Events_Sponsor
North American Rescue, Inc. – PJ_Warrior_Events_Sponsor
TribalCo – Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Paradoc’s Health Innovations   Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Paradoc’s Health Innovations Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Pararescue Foundation Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Team Wendy Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
S.E.I. – The Valiant Dare Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
ROCO Rescue – Rescue Talk Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Fusion Cell Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
PACE-X Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Zodiac MilPro Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Safeguard Medical Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Haley Strategic Partners Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Dillon Aero Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
DripDrop Hydration, PBC Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Polaris Government & Defense Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
goTenna Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Trijicon Gold_Medallion_Sponsor
Darley Defense, Inc. Gold_Medallion_Sponsor
The Peak Gold_Medallion_Sponsor
NISGA’A TEK Gold_Medallion_Sponsor
MASSIF, Inc Gold_Medallion_Sponsor
Galvion PJ Rodeo Gold_Medallion_Sponsor
S & S Precision Gold_Medallion_Sponsor
OPS Core Gold_Medallion_Sponsor
American Leak Detection Gold_Medallion_Sponsor
VFW Post 5350 Silver_Medallion_Sponsor
Integrated Vision Solutions Silver_Medallion_Sponsor
Airborne Systems Silver_Medallion_Sponsor
Complete Parachute Solutions Silver_Medallion_Sponsor
First Command Financial Silver_Medallion_Sponsor
Oakley SI Silver_Medallion_Sponsor
Draeger Medical Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
Wolfe Tactical Tech Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
Kelty Tactical, Inc. Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
Sig Sauer Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
Pro Re Nata  Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
Pro Re Nata Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
TYR Tactical Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
GLOCK Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
FN America, LLC Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
Escape International Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
Beyond Clothing Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
Quantico Tactical Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
Wild Things Gear, Inc. Silver_Medallion_Sponsor
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The PJ Rodeo and Reunion
Chairman and Guest Speakers

The Chairman

The 2021 PJ Rodeo and Reunion
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USAF CMSgt (Ret.)
Christopher F. Tellsworth
Pararescue Special Warfare Operator

CMSgt. Tellsworth is a Retired Pararescue Special Warfare Operator Airman and former Chief Enlisted Manager for the 306th Rescue Squadron.

He now advises F3EA leadership on matters affecting ‘high risk’ Special Warfare Personnel Recovery Mission, utilization, budget, facilities, manpower, discipline, morale, welfare and quality of life.

The Keynote Speaker

The 2021 PJ Rodeo and Reunion
click for the full biography
USAF MSgt (Ret.)
Scott Gearen
Pararescue Special Warfare Operator

MSgt Gearen is a Retired Pararescue Special Warfare Operator.  With storied military and post military careers, he has provided direct support to U.S. Defense Contractors, and  the U.S. State Department.

In 2015, he joined the Department of Homeland Security as a Chemical Security Inspector for the Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Program.

The PJ Rodeo Awards Speaker

The 2021 PJ Rodeo and Reunion
click for the full biography
USAF Major (Ret.)
Arthur Neil Black
Pararescue SWO/Air Operations Officer

Neil Black enlisted in the U.S. Air Force January 16, 1963, and trained as a USAF Pararescueman.  Assigned to Vietnam on a TDY, his helicopter was shot down over North Vietnam, and taken Prisoner of War September 20, 1965.  Released during Operation Homecoming on February 12, 1973, he is one of three enlisted POWs to receive a Presidential Commission.