PJ Rodeo

Announcing the 2023 PJ Rodeo and Reunion

PJ Rodeo

A 2023 PJ Association Sponsored Gathering of Eagles

Where to be in 2023

The PJ Rodeo and PJA Reunion is scheduled for activities and events taking place September 3th – 9th, 2023.
This gathering of eagles is hosted by the 123RQS, at the 123rd ANG Airlift Wing in Louisville, Kentucky.

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The PJ Rodeo

The PJ Rodeo will be held September 3rd – 9th, 2023.

Our  event and activity host for the 2023 PJ Rodeo will be the 123rd RQS, with the 123Rd ANG Airlift Wing.

The PJA Reunion

The PJA Reunion will be held September 6th – 9th, 2023.

We have arranged accommodations with the Gault House centrally located in Louisville, Kentucky

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Meet the
123rd STS

The PJ Rodeo will be hosted by the 123rd STS, at the 123rd Air National Guard Airlift Wing, in Louisville, Kentucky.

The 123rd STS provides tactical air and ground integration as the Air Force’s special operations force for personnel recovery operations and battlefield medicine.

Special Tactics Airmen from the 123rd STS at Churchill Downs

Sponsor a PJ Rodeo Event

Premium Heritage Banquet Sponsors

SunWest Mortgage Company is a repeating Premier Heritage Banquet Sponsor and financial resource for real estate lending solutions  to national and international markets.

Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. provides mortgage finance services and offers purchase, refinance, reverse mortgage, multi-family and wholesale lending products.

Illira Group is an Australian Company, and a was a new Premier Heritage Banquet Sponsor for the 2021 PJ Rodeo and PJA Reunion.

Developing public safety practices for individuals, organizations and government, Illira partners in sustainable solutions to preserve strategic goals and expectations.

PJ Warrior Event Sponsors

The PJ Warrior Sponsorship honors all rescue and special operations competitors.
This Esprit de’ Corps social event is a focused opportunity for competitors and sponsors.

STAR Tradeshow Vendors

Our 2023 Chairman and Guest Speakers

2023 PJ Rodeo

PJ Rodeo Chairman
to be Announced

The 2023 PJ Rodeo Chairman will be announced soon…

Our 2021 PJ Rodeo Chairman was CMSgt. Tellsworth, a Retired Pararescue Special Warfare Operator and former Chief Enlisted Manager for the 306th Rescue Squadron.

He is now advisor to F3EA on matters of ‘high risk’ Special Warfare Personnel Recovery utilization, facilities, manpower, discipline, and quality of life.is 

2023 PJ Rodeo
Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker
To be Announced

The 2023 Keynote Speaker will be announced soon…

Our 2021 Rodeo Speaker was MSgt Gearen, a Retired Pararescue Special Warfare Operator.  With storied careers, he has provided direct support to U.S. Defense Contractors, and the U.S. State Department.

In 2015, he joined the Department of Homeland Security as a Chemical Security Inspector for the Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Program.the 

2023 PJ Rodeo
Awards Speaker

Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
SEAC Ramon ‘CZ’ Colon- Lopez

SEAC Ramón “CZ” Colón-López is the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the most senior enlisted service member, by position, in the United States Armed Forces.

SEAC Colon-Lopez is the principal military advisor to the Chairman on all matters involving joint and combined total force integration, utilization, health of the force, and joint development for enlisted personnel.

Heard on the Street...

To Bill Watson
President, PJ Association
    Thanks again for such a heavy lift at the reunion and rodeo last week. Of all my time in across CCT and PJ events, nothing compared to what you pulled off!

Getting a venue where we could hold the Summit for senior members along with the reunion and rodeo events on site was amazing. Having times for those to flow together was epic too, and from what I saw, made the summit, reunion, and rodeo be even better together.
Blake George, Lt Col, USAF
A3S/Special Warfare Directorate
HQ USAF Acquisition & Resource
To the Officers and
Directors of the PJA
    I have seen tremendous leaders guide our PJ Association over many years. The great ones have brought it to new heights. That is what we are seeing today: new heights because of great leadership, professionalism, and personal responsibility.

That does not happen by chance; it happens because of commitment, purpose, and dedication. PJ excellence to PJs. It's an allegiance .
Wayne Fisk
USAF Pararescue (Ret.)
Life Member, PJ Association
To the Officers and
Directors of the PJA
   In late 2015 I was approached by Bill Watson to develop a new website, a member database, and an e-commerce store for the PJ Association.

A significant undertaking and not possible without the insight, patience, persistence and attention to detail given by Bill Watson and Ryan Beckmann. My gratitude extends to all of the Officers, Directors, and Members for their trust and confidence in Webcraft 360.
Barry Gayles, BSMIS, MBA
USAF MSgt (ret), CCT
Life Associate, PJ Association

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