The 2020 PJ Rodeo

World Class, Once Again…

It cannot be denied… the PJ Rodeo has evolved into a world class event.  The 2020 PJ Rodeo is shaping up to be the busiest ever, the best ever, and the best attended.

This bi-annual reunion of active, reserve, retired and celebrated PJ’s recognizes and respects the legacy and storied history, rich in heroic, selfless deeds. 

Tough, but Friendly…

The PJ Rodeo is a friendly, but tough competition, tailored to test the skills, tactics, techniques and procedures being employed by today’s USAF Pararescuemen.

The winning PJ Team holds the prestigious title of “Best PJ”, until the next PJ Rodeo event.  Hosted PJ Rodeo events and locations will soon be announced.

Plan for
It Now…

The 2020 PJ Rodeo &  Reunion, is expected to be the very best, ever held.  Don’t be a no show!!

Every PJ R&R is an opportunity to re-unite, to celebrate the brotherhood, and to remember those that came before us!!!

The 2020 PJ Reunion & Rodeo is in the final planning stages!  Check-in here again, soon!!

Recognizing Our 2018 PJ Rodeo Sponsors…


The PJ Heritage Banquet Premier Sponsor

The PJ Association gratefully recognizes SunWest Mortgage Company, Inc.  for their generous sponsorship of the PJ Heritage Banquet, the Premier Event for the PJ Rodeo.

The PJ Heritage Banquet concludes the entire week of competition and camaraderie across generations of active duty, retired, former rescue and special operators,  from Vietnam to those serving in the fight against terror and humanitarian campaigns.


North American Rescue, Inc.

The Generations Icebreaker Premier Sponsor

The  PJ Association gratefully recognizes North American Rescue, Inc., for their generous sponsorship of the Generations Icebreaker Event.  This event, was the opening function of the 2018 PJ Reunion and PJ Rodeo, and introduced generations of PJs spanning  a decades long legacy, and a storied commitment of extraordinary service to our nation.

The Generations Icebreaker event, introduced teams of 2 Pararescuemen from around the world, competing in the tough, but friendly 2018 PJ Rodeo event.  Held in the hotel, this event was scheduled as a premier function of the 75th Pararescue Anniversary.

The 2020 PJ Rodeo is a PJ Association Sanctioned Event, and is heavily dependent on Rodeo Sponsors to host these world class events.
The Pararescue Association is grateful to all of our PJ Rodeo Sponsors.

The Premier PJ Rodeo Sponsorship The 2018 PJ Heritage Banquet SunWest Mortgage Company, Inc.
A Premier 2018 PJ Rodeo Sponsor The Generations Ice Breaker Event North American Rescue, Inc
2018 Platinum Medallion Sponsor ROCO Rescue
2018 Platinum Medallion Sponsorship Pararescue Foundation
2018 Platinum Medallion Sponsor Leadslingers Whiskey
2018 Platinum Medallion Sponsor Beaverfit – Dam Strong
2018 Gold Medallion Sponsorship S.W.O.R.D. International
2018 Gold Medallion Sponsorship Chinook Medical Gear, Inc.
2018 Gold Medallion Sponsorship Quantico Tactical
2018 Gold Medallion Sponsorship National Registry of EMTs
2018 Gold Medallion Sponsorship ADS, Inc. Our Purpose. Your Mission.
2018 Gold Medallion Sponsorship DripDrop ORS
2018 Silver Medallion Sponsorship Kelty Tactical, Inc.
2018 Silver Medallion Sponsorship MASSIF, Inc
2018 Silver Medallion Sponsorship The Peak, Inc.
2018 Silver Medallion Sponsorship – L3 Warrior Sensor Systems
2018 Silver Medallion Sponsorship Zodiac MilPro, Inc.
2018 Silver Medallion Sponsorship Blue Force Gear
2018 Silver Medallion Sponsorship S.E.I. – Only the Valiant Dare
2018 Silver Medallion Sponsorship Champion AC – SDVOSB
2018 Silver Medallion Sponsorship Darley Defense, Inc.
-2018 Silver Medallion Sponsorship- FN America, LLC
2018 Silver Medallion Sponsorship Wild Things Gear, Inc.

Announcing the 2020 PJ Rodeo & Re-Union

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